Monday, 29 March 2010


I'm not sure what the book is saying on p6, para3, 4. The author seems to speak of a world totally different to our world today, and even totally different to the world post-Babel. 'The world of today is better, in some ways, than the world was before the great Flood that finally came in Noah's day. The reason for this is that God has given some things to mankind since that time, to restrain the power of evil on earth and to moderate the misery that issues from it. For one thing, God divided the human race by causing people to speak different languages (Gen11)
This limits the development of evil.
Also, the church has been instituted, and this retards the development of evil.

I don't think I'd really thought of this before. We always heard that since Pentecost and the downpouring of the Spirit, that the world was blessed in a way in which it hadn't been in the O.T. But this is speaking of a real distinction between pre-Babel and post-Babel. I don't know if the author makes the Babel incident more significant, or the establishing of the church. With Abraham and Isaac?? Or with the children of Israel being redeemed from Egypt?? I'd like to hear more about this. ....not sure that what I'm saying is even making sense! I just know there's something in the book that's getting at something I'm not sure of!

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  1. Found this article on Babel - In which it says that Satan almost completely succeeded in dominating mankind. The article goes into, what I believe, the book is trying to say. What happened at Babel, has possibly ongoing consequences for us now, even thousands of years on, that the division of languages prevents a great amount of evil in the world?