Monday, 29 March 2010


Q1 That not my own, but belong....'
I love this idea of 'belonging'. Even humanly speaking, what a blessed thing it is to 'belong' - to belong to a family, to belong to your husband. Who would want the 'freedom' of not belonging? Not me!
I was remembering what our old minister used to say about the words of Psalm 40v6: 'Mine ears hast thou opened' - speaking of what a servant who did not want to leave his master would do - he would have his ear bored with an awl, as a sign of what he was - a lifetime, voluntary servant to his master. 'I love my master....I will not go out free' (Ex21v5,6)
All this speaking of Christ's willingly becoming a servant - to do the Father's will. 'To do thy will I take delight' (Ps 40v8)

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  1. I think there is no freedom in not belonging either. As JB illustrated, a fish has no liberty out of water. And as long as we were in sin, we were in bondage to sin, there is no freedom there.